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FREE download Epson L365 Resetter Adjustment Program File. Zip/Rar Latest Version [Work 100%] on Google Drive. Install a compatible Adjprog.exe Resetter to make the Epson L365 printer work normally again.

The Epson L365 printer has problems, for example, when the printer suddenly crashes and an error notification appears. Of course, such incidents greatly interfere with your work. Especially when you are printing important documents for office needs or other college assignments. When you experience this, you don’t need to worry and rush to buy a new printer because one of the reasons may be that your printer needs to be reset.

Epson L365 Resetter

Epson L365 Resetter Free Downloads

The Epson L365 resetter is a software tool that is used to reset the Epson L365 printer when experiencing various problems such as error notifications appearing or printer indicator lights starting to flash so that the printer cannot be used to print documents.

In general, the occurrence of an error in the printer is caused by the Waste Ink Pad or the sponge where the ink is disposed of being full.

Using the Correct Epson L365 Resetter

Use a resetter if the following problems occur on the Epson L365 printer. The following are some of the problems that occur with the Epson L365 printer which require you to reset the printer so that it can work normally again:

  • An error message appears on your Epson L365 printer. Usually, this message appears because the printer has been used for a long time and has printed documents that exceed the specified limit.
  • Your Epson L365 printer has a paper jam, or the paper is trapped in the printer.
  • Then the next problem, namely running out of ink, can also make your Epson L365 printer error and need to be reset.
  • And improper installation of cartridges can also cause printer errors and need to be reset so that they can run normally.
  • The Power and Stop indicator lights flash simultaneously.

Download Resetter Epson L365 Latest Version

If you want to reset the Epson L365 printer, the Epson L365 resetter application can be your choice. After you finish resetting, your printer will return to its initial settings and can work normally again. Here is a link that you can use to download the Epson L3110 resetter safely, easily, and quickly.

File Name: Epson L365 Resetter Adjprog.exe
Size: 13 MB
Type: Freeware
Rar Password:


Support For OS:
Windows 11 [32/64-bit] | Windows 10 [32/64-bit] | Windows 8 [32/64-bit] | Windows 7 [32/64-bit]

How to Reset Epson L365 Using the Resetter Adjustment Program

Note: Turn off the antivirus first before extracting the Epson L365 resetter file.

Before resetting the printer, Open the downloaded Rar/zip file.
Then open the extracted folder and open the Adjprog file.

  1. Copy and register your License ID in the License ID for registration section.
  2. Open the keygen file in the folder that was extracted earlier.
  3. Paste the previous license in the LicenseID section. Then click New Key.
  4. Copy the key under Activation Key.
  5. And reopen the Adjprog application that was opened before.
  6. Then click Enter. And enter the copied key in Activation Key for Removal of Restrictions.
  7. Click OK. Then you can already use the resetter program.
  8. Then you can turn on the printer you want to reset and connect it to your laptop or computer.
  9. Click the Select button in the Adjprog application.
  10. Select L365 in the Model name section. Then click OK.
  11. Click Particular adjustment mode. Select the Waste ink pad counter. Then click OK.
  12. Check the Main section of the counter.
  13. Also, check the Platen pad counter.
  14. Click Initialize. Then click OK when prompted. Wait a few moments and the process will run.
  15. Then turn off the printer if the Please turn off the printer command appears.
  16. After a while turn the printer back on and you can try to print the document again.
  17. Finished.

People Also Ask

What causes the indicator lights to flash simultaneously?

This can happen because of damage to the hardware or it could be because the ink disposal bin is full.

Can printers that are rarely used get damaged?

Of course, you can, in general, damage printers that are rarely used is that there is hardened or dried ink in the cartridge.

If you want to ask a question or a detailed explanation about the Epson L365 Resetter, please visit our Contact page 🙂

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