How to Activate the Epson L3210 Resetter License

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How to Activate the Epson L3210 Resetter License? Here’s an easy way to activate the Epson L3210 Adjprog.exe printer resetter with 100% success.

1. Turn off / disable antivirus first.

2. Run the “Adjprog” application.

3. Copy the code in the “License ID for Registration” column. (App Adjprog don’t close)

4. Next, open the “Keygen” which is in the resetter folder.

5. Paste the code that was copied earlier in the “License ID” column, click “New Key”.

6. Next, copy the code that appears in the “Activation Key” column.

7. Reopen the “Adjprog” application that was previously open, then click “Enter Key”.

8. then paste the code that was copied from the “keygen” in the “Activation key for removal…” column

9. Finally, click OK and wait a few moments until the reset application opens completely. Finished.

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