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Brother ADS-2700W driver for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32/64-bit), Mac, and Linux. Download the Brother ADS-2700W installer driver and TWAIN driver for the first step to setup your scanner device.

Install all the drivers and complete the software for the Brother ADS-2700W scanner using the driver installer. This is an easy-to-use driver to set up the scanner and use it.

Besides being easy to use, the ADS-2700W driver installer is also recommended for new device use. If a previous driver has been used, first uninstall the driver on the ADS-2700W using the Uninstaller Tools.

Brother ADS-2700W Driver Installer

Download the recommended Brother ADS-2700W installation driver. This is a download file to get maximum functionality out of your scanner engine. This complete file contains drivers and software compatible using internet and USB network connections.

Brother ADS-2700W Driver For Windows 11

Brother ADS-2700W installer driver Windows 11 (32/64-bit) | DOWNLOAD

Brother ADS-2700W installer driver Windows 10 (32/64-bit) | DOWNLOAD

Brother ADS-2700W installer driver Windows 7 and XP (32/64-bit) | DOWNLOAD

If you need scanner drivers for Mac and Linux, you can find them below too!

How To Install Brother ADS-2700W On Windows 11

Note before installation:

Instructions and installation methods may vary depending on the version of Windows OS used. If the Brother ADS-2700W driver is already installed on your computer, uninstall it first before you install the new driver.

To uninstall the current Brother ADS-2700W driver, download the Uninstall Tool and you must be logged in as an Administrator.

  1. Disconnect your Brother ADS-2700W machine from the computer if you have connected the interface cable.
  2. Once the installation driver file is downloaded, double-click on the file to extract it
  3. First, select the language in the language list and click “OK”.
  4. Please follow the installation screen instructions to set up your device.

Brother ADS-2700W Driver Mac OS

Brother ADS-2700W TWAIN driver only Mac OS 13 | DOWNLOAD

Brother ADS-2700W TWAIN driver for Mac OS 12 | DOWNLOAD

Brother ADS-2700W TWAIN driver for Mac OS 11 | DOWNLOAD

Brother ADS-2700W Driver Linux

Scanner Driver For Linux RPM:

Install Brother ADS-2700W scanner driver [rpm] Linux 32-bit | DOWNLOAD

Install Brother ADS-2700W scanner driver [rpm] Linux 64-bit | DOWNLOAD

Scanner Driver For Linux DEB:

Install Brother ADS-2700W scanner driver [deb] Linux 32-bit | DOWNLOAD

Install Brother ADS-2700W scanner driver [deb] Linux 64-bit | DOWNLOAD

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Brother Scanner ADS-2700W Review

Brother Scanner ADS-2700W Review

Advantages of the Brother ADS-2700W

Brother ADS-2700W is a scanner that can scan documents back and forth and supports Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. This scanner is ideal for use in a small group or division or in a home office.

The high scanning speed of the Brother ADS-2700W makes this scanner always reliable. In addition, this scanner supports plug-and-play solutions to make it easier for you to scan documents.

The computer connected to the scanner is considered a USB drive or flash disk so you don’t need to install any additional software.

Thanks to Wi-Fi, scanned documents can be sent directly to a smartphone with the Brother iPrint & Scan App installed.

Brother ADS-2700W Scanner Speed

This Brother ADS-2700W series scanner is suitable for small workgroups with fast and multiple scanning jobs. Scanning speed reaches up to 35 ppm for both color and black and white documents.

The duplex function support saves you a lot of time when scanning multiple documents back and forth also an option when less time is required.

If you have a lot of documents that you want to scan, this scanner can scan up to 50 documents.

In addition, the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) feature saves you from having to scan documents one by one. Just enter all the documents you want to scan, and the scanner will scan them one by one automatically which will make it easier and faster.

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