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Avision AD240 driver download for Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 7 [32/64-bits]. Complete AD240+ and AD240 scanner driver and software for the first step to setup your scanner device.

The Avision AD240 scanner is affordable and has attractive features, use compatible drivers and software to use the scanner to its full potential.

Avision AD240 Affordable Scanner

Avision AD240 driver software download

Avision is one of the well-known scanner brands that grabs a lot of attention from its users because of its sophistication and toughness. This Avision AD240 is a very tough ADF-type scanner equipped with a Duplex scan feature.

The Avision AD240 scanner has a unique and stylish design because the input and output paper trays can be folded when not in use. The paper tray also helps protect the scanner unit from dust. Unlike bulky conventional scanners, the slim Avision AD240 can easily be carried and fits on a desk without taking up much space.

Scanner Type

This latest Avision AD240 comes with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanner type which has a large enough ADF capacity of up to 100 sheets. There are many advantages to using an ADF-type scanner, one of which is that you don’t need to change documents too often for the scan process because the scanner can automatically scan documents alternately.

Scan Speed

Scanners with high scan speeds are what all large companies desire, it is said that because most companies will produce documents that need to be scanned for the company’s filling needs high speeds can work efficiently. This AD240 scanner offers scan speeds up to 60 ppm/120 ipm with 300 dpi quality, all the ease of scanning is only available on the Avision AD240.

Scan Resolution

The quality of the scan on all scanners is very influential on the role of the resolution, the higher the resolution that a scanner has, the more quality the scan results will provide. This type of Avision scanner offers a scan resolution of up to 600 dpi while the Output resolution is up to 1200 dpi.

In addition, another thing that supports scan quality is even higher, namely the presence of a CCD sensor, this type of sensor will produce a very perfect scanner because it consists of many pixels. This Avision scanner is also equipped with a lighting source using LEDs.

Document Handling

Avision AD240 supports scans in BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, Single-Page PDF, Multi-Page PDF,
Multi-TIFF, TIFF, RTF, TXT, OCR( for iScan only ), XPS, DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCS, XLSX, PPTX, HTML. This type of scanner has been designed by Avision with the best roller where this scanner can separate paper so as to reduce double scanner errors.


The connection offered by this scanner is to use USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 compatible), to be able to use this scanner, all you have to do is plug the cable into the scanner and PC and
can directly perform the scanning process.

Dimensions and Weight

The Avision AD240 offers a unique and innovative design compared to its predecessor, the ability to accommodate form documents up to 242 x 356 mm. Its own dimensions are 42 x 78 x 34 cm while its own weight is 8 pounds.

Advantages of Avision AD240

This Avision scanner offers many things that are very useful for you to simplify all your scanning needs. In addition, this scanner offers advanced features such as Ultrasonic. With ultrasonic multi-feed detection capability, the scanner allows you to adjust paper overlap by detecting paper thickness between documents. The ultrasonic function can be turned off when scanning documents with labels, sticky notes, or recorded receipts.

Avision AD240 Scanner Driver Downloads
Avision AD240 Scanner Driver Downloads

Avision AD240 Scanner Driver Downloads

Avision AD240 scanner drivers Windows 11 [32/64-bit]

Avision AD240 scanner drivers Windows 10, and Windows 7 [32/64-bit]

Avision AD240 Software Downloads

AD240 World Card Team Software [235MB] For Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 Win 11

AD240 ButtonManager Software [595 MB] Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11

AD240 Scan Software [549.39 MB] Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11

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